Hi everyone!

With a few days delay caused by flights being cancelled due to technical problems….at last I’m in Mongolia and I’m writing from the capital Ulaan Baataar with a temperature of 19ºC below zero.

As far as I’ve been able to see so far, Mongolia is definitely a must for an expedition. It looks good folks!

But there’s no time to waste. I have to tie down the last details, the ones I couldn’t deal with from Spain. I have to extend the visa, as the one I managed to get in Spain would only allow me to stay in Mongolia for thirty days and this new challenge is going to take me more than that.

I will also have to submit my equipment to some final tests, make sure that it has all arrived OK and that everything works. As soon as I know that everything is fine, I will get food and water and then, maybe even from Ulaan Baataar, I will send myself dehydrated food which I will pick up at the expedition mid-point. Last, but definitely not least, in the scant three days that I am going to be in the city, I will go out for a ride with the specialist clothing that I have for the crossing and make sure that it’s up to the job: If it isn’t, I’ll get cold.

From here in Mongolia, that’s all for today, but I’d just like to thank you all for the support and affection that your giving me; it makes starting a new expedition even better. Until the next post and please keep following me on the social networks. You’re incredible!

#JuanSinMiedo #MongoliaSinMiedo

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