“Describes the unpleasant feeling caused by a real or imaginary danger either in the present or the future”

Adversity: a difficult situation to deal with, which tests our survival skills or our psychological integrity”

As he has pedalled around the world, visiting the most inhospitable of places like the South Pole or the Atacama desert, Juan Menendez Granados has seen, time after time on every expedition, that the sensation of danger has never turned against him. Rather than that, it has helped to push him in his challenges astride his bike.

“Confidence: make fear your strategic ally to achieve your goals”

Juan is an expert motivational speaker, giving lectures to companies, institutions and professionals of all ages. In his talks, he relates his experiences around the world and conveys his main message: “Fear is not your enemy, it’s your ally”. Thanks to that concept, he has helped many people to discover their capacity and fulfil their dreams.

“Self-development: my biggest achievement wasn’t cycling to the South Pole. I’m proudest of never having given up”



Tino Arroyo

Congratulations Juan. You’re a total machine. I’m proud that the first person to get to the South Pole alone on a bike is Spanish

Evangeline Alemax

Thanks for your bravery Juan Sin Miedo. I was fortunate enough to attend a showing of your documentary a week ago and all I can say is thank you for the important life lesson that you gave us. Thanks for having the courage to follow your dreams, against wind and sea and thank you for your incredible humility

Johana Solórzano

I’m a huge fan of you and your courage. Well done for showing us what can be done. Superman

Victor Montero

You’re a superman both in sports and as an individual

Ruben Alonso Franco

Well done big man. You don’t know me, but I can tell you with pride that you are a great adventurer

José Miguel Garrido Menéndez

Well done champion. You’re an example to follow. People like you breathe life into us all


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